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Letra de Let me inside (fragmento)
Well Hello, What's your name? Can I take you by the hand? Won't you please come with me To a place of ecstacy Paradise, By the sun Girl I'm sure you'll have some fun By your eyes, I can see That you want to be with me I've been waiting for so long Now that I've found you Aint no way I'm gonna let you go Let ME inside Open up your heart come on and Let ME inside Open up your heart.. Night is clear, Moon is bright Stars are shining every where In my arms, you'll be safe There's no need to be afraid It's a warm sunday night And the temperature is right Let you hair, in the glow Girl I want to feel the flow I've been waiting for so long Now that I've got you Ain't no way I'm gonna let you.... -( ) / -( ) / -( ) / -( ) / -( ) / -( ) - - Rythym change: (Cm*4) ....4 times Let your hair come down, Girl, I want to feel that flo-o-o-o-ooo...
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