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Inevitable (En Inglés) Tab

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Letra de Inevitable (En Inglés) (fragmento)
To be true, I must confess, making coffee I'm a mess and I don't know anything about football Been unfaithful once or twice cannot even win at dice as for watches, I don't use one To be completely honest no one things of you quite the way I do. It's all the same to you now. To be true, I must confess I never sleep at 12 or less I never take a bath on Sundays since I'm telling you so much I cry in earnest once a month When the weather turns to freezing with me, nothing is easy, Indeed, you can tell. You know me so well. With out you everything's a bore The sky is tired of seen the rain fall Every single time Everything passes like the day before Just like Yesterday. I can't find any way to forget you because to keep on loving you is inevitable *Verso 2: I always thought that it was true. When we talk about me and you I should be the first revealing. Instrumental: (Se repite el Verso 2 para finalizar) NOTA:Esta canción saldrá en su próximo album. Pero por e...
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