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If you ever saw her Tab
Ricky Martin

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Letra de If you ever saw her (fragmento)
You know what boy? That girl i amazing, but she will drive you crazy. Look out! Shes got a look in her eye that says she knows why just to taste her is never enough She gets a thrill outta lovin and watching you suffering she says you can look but dont touch So dont go fooling yourself like so many others whove fallen for only a smile but if youre in for the ride hold on tight adios, and kiss your heart goodbye! Oh, and if you ever saw her well shes every dream girl from Monroe to Madonna youll swear she walks on water shes so fine... Oh, and if you ever kissed her well, I tell you my friend, you could never resist her and if you ever saw her, youd know why she holds your heart in your hand shell make you a man but shell play you however she wants just when you think you are winning your head starts a spinning you open your eyes and shes gone so dont believe youre the one dont think that this dream is forever its only a game but if youre in for the ride hold on tight adios, ...
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