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Stupid Tab
Aitana Ocaña

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Letra de Stupid (fragmento)
Don't talk, girl, just listen Keep it to yourself, don't tell 'em your opinion Better know your, better know your way around the kitchen Do not force, stop playing your position Put your face on, but not too heavy It's taking too long for you to get ready You might not like it, but just keep quiet 'Cause that's what stupid girls do I can be a girl, not a step forward I am not a step for you to step on, I'ma step forward You can take a step back, playing like a chessboard Don't you know the queen protect the king when you're on check boy? All these stupid guys like these stupid, stupid girls (stupid girls) Telling stupid lies, like we're stupid, stupid girls (stupid girls) Why do all this guys want these stupid, stupid girls? (stupid girls) All these stupid guys like these stupid, stupid, stupid girls I'ma get blunt, I'ma get twisted Take it to sense [?] the seven figures I don't know my, I don't know my way around a kitchen If I let you eat it, I'ma make you do the dishes When I get...
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