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Letra de Breacking away (fragmento)
I'm braking away from you! Open your hands and show me what your holding Is it an esmerald, or is it a pearl? What other information are you wiholding? You're such a funny girl Where is your mother, where did she came from? Was your father a sailor or a thief? Who was your brothers, where did they came from? I'd wish you'd tell me about them at least But you're so silent, you're so gentle I think my brain will go This town's your thown, yeah, this room's your temple And now you now what I have to go That's what it takes to love you That's what it takes to love you too That's what it takes to hate you too So I'll just wanna go I'm breaking, breaking, Breaking away from you! (guitarra) Don't give me words whit no meanings Don't give me problems that you can't solve Ja! don't tell me now you're revealing things we spoke of long ago I know you're ways, I know you're silence This could go on all day This is the way this is the violence And now you know why I can't stay That's what...
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