Acordes de Pablo Olivares: With You
Pablo Olivares
Luz en mi vida [2017]
Intro: D G Bm F#m G Verso 1:
D G I was on the wrong path
Bm F#m G by myself I want to know all the truth
D G and looked for the best high but
Bm F#m G still fell alone and low I tried with some girls It was I content and complete? And then I thought make money You can buy all the love all that you need Coro:
D I just want to go
G I just want to go
Bm F#m G I just want to go with you Verso 2: I tried living with my rules but my rules don´t let me live in Pease (oh no) who cares I don´t need nobody but I’m sick and I can´t make it alone for alone.. I searched with the wises and divines but they don´t know where i come from I hear your voice inside my head you give me all I’ve searched for Puente:
D ////I wanna get with you//// D-0-3-4-0-0-3-4-0--------0-3-4-0-0-3-4-0
G Bm You said I’m forgiven that day i won´t forget
G A your past doesn´t matter because I love you anyway
G A Bm the price was paid now follow me with your cross
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