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Letra de Cry baby cry (fragmento)
baby we should never be apart Going back to the memories reminiscing 'bout you and me thinking how it used to be It's plain and clear I treated you bad but girl you know that I care every relationship have wear and tear.. Just draw near girl and try to hear and listen what my heart says. Many days and many nights many heartbreaks... many fights many wrongs but so many rights (Riff 2) So girl don't let this love die never meant to 'cause you no pain, girl I never meant to treat you lame. gimme one more chance rewind come back again. don't let this love die. Just cry baby cry (don't cry no more) cause every tear that flows falls into the ocean and rises to the sky and then the rain will come right before the sun shines... Can you feel me reaching out to you girl, (Riff 6) can you hear my open thoughts (Riff 7) Never want to disrespect you girl don't let this come break us apart 'Cause I know I would die without you, my girl can you hear my broken heart It's calling out to the good...
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