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Fantasy Serenade Tab

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Letra de Fantasy Serenade (fragmento)
pieces that make you realize just how tough it can be to play guitar. There are probably some mistakes in this; it's been years since I has a better way to play some of these parts (either alternate fingerings, or voicings that are closer to the original) I'd like to hear about them. All in all this is a fun song to play... even though after years I still can't do the party I marked 'nasty' that well. This song is played with the 6th string tuned down to a D. You probably don't want to use a pick for this. harmonics the notes form, and use whatever natural fingering you would for that place a 'd' I rake my middle and ring finger nails down the strings open low strings should resound through the entire passage even where I do it; but I'm self-taught and this works for me. At this point I pretend I'm holding a pick between my thumb and index just represent strumming directions now. finish up with heavily accented chords:...
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