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Un lugar celestial Tab

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Letra de Un lugar celestial (fragmento)
+e q q q E +e q q E E E E E E q E E E q s E E E s s q q q let ring 1st verse this spinning world is not my home A place of mystery, A land of destiny is where i know one day ill go 1st bridge i know the arms of heaven wait for me 1st chorus q E q q E +e q+h q E E E q E +e q+h just A little bit of heaven sent from up above q E q q E +e q+h E E E q E E E E E q h 2nd verse when all my skies are gray i simply steal away into my secret hiding place when hearts are cold as ice the breath of paradise E q q q E +e q E h E E E q E E E +e e+q q q blows warm and gentle on my face 2nd bridge i know i need my time alone with him his healing waters flowing deep within dont have to wish upon A distant star cause the light of love fills my heart q q q E E E E e+h (distant star) 2nd chorus q E q q E +e q+h q E E E E E E E q+h just A little bit of heaven sent from up above where the pr...
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